Time Management

Time Management

Learning Code: Module S1 (Eng Edition)
Product Period: 30 Days
Edu: 200.00

In this era of new businesses popping up here and there, there is a constant need for stability amongst business leaders to keep their companies afloat. That is why we need to revise simple ideas and tactics such as time management to ensure that the companies can gain productivity. This module will raise awareness about time management, tackle some of the preconceived ideas of time management in business and how to expertly use time management skills to improve productivity. It will also create awareness on the importance of a well thought out plan and further encourage businesses to take the leap onto a higher standing. Last but not least, this module will also provide essential skills for effective people.

This module will help provide a clear theory on time management for business and its most efficient application in the business. Participants will also be provided further understanding on the importance of time management. At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

- Understand the fundamental concept of time management for business.
- Analyse & gain productivity from the theories presented on time management.
- Identify the most suitable time management strategy for one’s own business.
- Apply the strategies in an actual setting.
- Identify the most suitable online time management tools.

You will also learn about other knowledge such as revising one’s attitude towards the concept of time management as the key to success.