Learning Code: Module S2 (Eng Edition)
Product Period: 30 Days
Edu: 200.00

In current business environment, many business owners would like to accomplish more tasks in one day and have more leisure time for themselves or with family but struggle with time management. Whether you are a boss or an employee, mastering the art of delegation is a universal key to unlock great success. In fact, there are many tips and suggestions for improving time management in a person's workplace, and different approaches work for different people. Therefore, this module will provide you some useful guidelines about effective delegation in order to assist business owners to manage their time efficiently.

This module will help provide an understanding on delegation especially for personal development as an entrepreneur. Participants will also be provided further understanding on the importance of effective delegation. At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

- Understand the importance and concept of delegation
- Understand what are the benefits and elements of delegation
- Understand what is the six stages of delegation
- Understand when to delegate and when not to delegate
- Identify the different directions of delegation
- Identify the qualities of a good delegator

You will also learn about the common misconceptions that hinder people from delegating effectively and how to apply it in your business